It is known already that not sleeping enough may cause weight gain even if we are struggling to lose it.

First, when we are tired, our brain is not able to make clear and healthy decisions. We may eat more, take more sweets, skip the exercise because too tired etc.

However, there are certain biological mechanisms that are affected by not sleeping enough.

  1. SATIETY AND HUNGER HORMONES. Recent studies show that sleeping not enough (fewer than six hours) reduces production of the fat cells hormone leptin, which is responsible for letting our brain know that we’re full, and stimulates ghrelin production, which is released by our stomach and is responsible for letting our brain know that we’re hungry. Thus sleeping not enough causes us to feel more hungry and less satiated!
  2. INSULIN. Hormone, which our body uses to turn food into energy. With not sleeping enough our body becomes less responsive to insulin signals and in the end causes our body to begin storing fat in the wrong places.
  3. CORTISOL. It’s our body’s main stress hormone. When we don’t sleep enough, the cortisol levels rise. That can cause overeating and may make our body to store energy as fat. It may cause overeating as our brain’s reward centres are stimulated.

Studies show that loosing excess weight helps to improve the quality of sleep, and opposite – sleeping well helps to lose weight.

Most people need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.

Have a good sleep!