Our expert bariatric team will support you from the first time you contact us. We will help you go through assessment and understand, which type of bariatric surgery is the right choice for you. We will advise, how to prepare and what to expect after the surgery. We will be in a longterm commitment with you.Weight Loss Latvia gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations are performed by team of two excellent, professional general and bariatric surgeons, experienced anaesthetics, and bariatric surgery nurses. Prompt support is always provided by our experienced patient coordinator Ilva.

Olegs Kozlovskis

Certified general and bariatric surgeon

Juris Zarinovs

Certified general and bariatric surgeon

Rita Salijuma

Doctor anaesthesiologist – reanimatologist

Lolita Soste

Nurse of the surgery department at the Sigulda Hospital

Vandhana Patel

Expert certified bariatric dietitian,

Ilva Urbanovica

Patient coordinator in Latvia

Caitilin O'Kelly

Patient coordinator in UK

Roisin McGrath

Patient coordinator in Ireland