Roisin's Gastric Bypass Surgery with Weight Loss Latvia

Roisin had her gastric bypass surgery in May of 2019. Her initial weight was 31st4. Now in 2022 she is 10st12. She lost more than 20st during her weight loss journey. Weight Loss Latvia, Dr Olegs Kozlovskis, Sigulda Hospital.

My Gastric Bypass surgery at Sigulda Hospital, Latvia

My name is Lawona and this short clip is about my experience with Sigulda Hospital in Latvia where I had my gastric bypass surgery done. My BMI was around 35 and I weighed close to 100 kilos at the time of the surgery. Today, close to seven years later, I weigh aprox 65 kilos. However, I lost most of my excess weight the first 6-12 months, and have kept it off ever since.