Olegs Kozlovskis

Olegs Kozlovskis

Certified general and bariatric surgeon
Head of the surgery department at the Sigulda Hospital, Latvia
Speaks fluent Russian, English, Latvian

Doctor’s professional licenses and organisations:

General Medical Council of the UK – member Nr.6132416
The Latvian Association of Surgeons
The right to practice as a Surgeon in the whole territory of the Republic of Latvia. Certificate Nr.63609


Since 2006 Sigulda Hospital, head of surgery ward
2015 Watford General Hospital, UK, surgeon
2004-2006 Sigulda, Hospital, general surgeon
2009 Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, surgeon, UK
Since 2006 Riga Stradins University, Cross Medical College, guest lecturer
2000-2005 Ogre Regional Hospital, surgeon, emergency surgeon at the surgery department
1999 – 2000 Riga emergency medicine station
1994-1996 Riga Samaritan Association, first aid course instructor


2023 The Latvian Association of Surgeons, Scientific conference
2023 The Latvian Association of Surgeons "Multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of rectal cancer - current affairs"
2023 EMEA IHTC: OAGB-MGB Technique, Napoli, Italy
2023 The Latvian Association of Surgeons "Endoscopic Hernia Surgery"
2023 Types and use of oxidized regenerated cellulose hemostasis agents in surgery
2023 Emergency medical care in restoring vital functions
2022 LLU, Latvia course “Laparoscopic Devices, Bariatric Surgery”
2022 International bariatric surgery symposium in London
2022 Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery at Minimally invasive surgery training center IRCAD France, University Hospital of Strasbourg
2019 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2019, San Francisco, CA, US
2019 Hernia treatment, Latvian Surgeons’ Association conference
2019 EMEA Advanced Course in Bariatrics – SADI-S, Barcelona, Spain
2018 The 2nd Swiss Hernia Day’s, Basel, Swiss Confederation
2018 International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity, XXIII World Congress, Dubai
2014 XIX World Congress, Montreal Canada
2013 XVIII World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 The 4th Nordic/Baltic Bariatric Meeting Reykjavik, Iceland
2017 Surgical training institute, Ponderas Academic Hospital, Surgical and perioperative management of a bariatric patient, Clinical immersion
2017 Obesity Week, Washington, USA
2016 Advanced Course in Revisional Procedures and Management of Complex Cases in Bariatric Surgery, AZ Sint Jan Hospital Bruges, Belgium
2016 The 4th Baltic Bariatric Symposium, Riga
2015 The 8th International Conference on Diabetes and Obesity, Riga
2013 The 3rd Baltic Bariatric Symposium, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 The 7th International Conference on Diabetes and Obesity, Riga
2012 Bariatric Surgery Masterclass, Elancourt, France
2010 Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Course, Kaunas, Lithuania

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